Why This Site Was Created




Why fortneyroad.com was created before a publishing contract is signed

To build a robust platform

Every writer needs readers, and every publisher wants a writer with a platform. That's why FortneyRoad.com was created. I know that the bigger the reach of an author's platform, the more books likely will be sold. To drive readers to this site, I'm using a very wide net and many avenues to alert and call in my audience.

To gather interested readers

I've been fortunate to draw on some of the top talent in web design, film, music and social media to create this site. Compelling banner ads have appeared at the leading religious, anti-cult, and music sites to drive that portion of the audience to FortneyRoad.com, and aggressive marketing tactics have been utilized with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and other social media sites.

To ensure return visits, the content of the site will be re-freshed on a regular basis as we update the trivia section, forum questions, and post new "Listen In" audio services that were recorded at Fortney Road.

To secure email addresses and Twitter followers

This site is designed to be so engaging that readers will return frequently and spend a good deal of time discovering What Really Happened at Fortney Road.

When they visit the site, they can:

Uncover information about the people who lived at Fortney Road

  • Read a sample chapter from the manuscript
  • Determine if they could survive even one day at Fortney Road
  • Listen in on an actual service and watch corresponding visuals
  • Post at the forum
  • Answer trivia questions about the 1960s and 1970s
  • Provide their email address, which grants them access to exclusive material not available in the manuscript


Two Twitter accounts are dedicated to this project

@FortneyRoad will tell the story of What Really Happened at Fortney Road in real time as it unfolds against the radically changing cultural, social and musical landscapes of the 1960s and 1970s. It will also allow commentary and insights on current cultic activity in the United States and other topics that relate to what occurred at Fortney Road.

@CultHistory focuses on the rise of cults and their leaders in the United States, beginning in 1911 and continuing to present day. In an engaging and compelling way, the formation of groups such as the Way, the Family, the Church Universal and Triumphant, the Walk, the Manson Family, the Branch Davidians and Heaven's Gate are recounted, as well as modern-day prophets such as Harold Camping and Terry Jones, and everyone in between. Woven into this dark and fascinating tapestry of American history will be the story of what really happened at Fortney Road, giving it context in the midst of these other cults.

To find out What Really Happened at Fortney Road, publishers and editors are invited to join the readers already gathered at FortneyRoad.com